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Benify is a success story that has revolutionised the HR Industry

As a leading player within Compensation & Benefits, we are collaborating with some of the largest companies in the world. Our sales teams are incredibly important to Benify´s continued growth, and our next mission is to conquer the market for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME). Our highly skilled sales teams work hard to reach their goals so that Benify can help even more companies strengthen their employer brand and engage their employees.

growth during the last 5 years.

of Benify’s yearly revenue comes from the SME teams

new customer is generated by the SME Team every day

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At Benify, we reward those who do great work. This means your achievements positively impact your journey at Benify, and only you decide how far you can go here! Each individual in our sales team sis responsible for the entire sales cycle with support from their colleagues. We work with lots of energy, things get done and we bring – and take care of – new ideas with a “can-do attitude". In our Sales teams, there’s no room for sharp elbows. Instead, we encourage each other, have fun together and always celebrate our successes!

The sales journey @Benify

Prospecting potential customers

Booking meetings

Executing meetings

Negotiate contracts

Signing new clients and contributing to Benify’s success story!

Job openings within sales

Below you can find all our current job openings. If you find one that suits you, let us know by applying today!

Administration and Operations Specialist - Vilnius

Operations Vilnius
Apply by: 2022-12-23

Operations Engineer

Technology Gothenburg
Apply by: 2022-12-21

International Field Marketing Specialist (German Speaking)

Marketing Munich
Apply by: 2022-12-21

Backend Developer- Core Platform

Technology Gothenburg
Apply by: 2022-12-31

Fullstack Developer

Technology Gothenburg
Apply by: 2022-12-28

Engineering Manager

Technology Gothenburg
Apply by: 2022-12-28

Application Configuration Specialist - Stockholm

Professional Services Stockholm
Apply by: 2022-12-31

Key Account Manager - Stockholm

Client Relations Stockholm
Apply by: 2022-12-09

Client Success Manager - Amsterdam / Vilnius / Munich / Stockholm / London

Business Development Manager - Germany / Netherlands / UK

Sales Munich
Apply by: 2022-12-31

Business Development Manager - Netherlands / Germany / UK

Sales Amsterdam
Apply by: 2022-12-31

We are the SME team at Benify

Sales Manager

Linda Ferm

“Everyone´s opinion gets heard”

What is the best thing about selling Benify’?

 Benify offers a product that fits all companies in all industries. The charm of selling our product is that we can customise it to meet the needs of the customer. I’ve never been to a meeting where a potential client thought our product wasn’t great, which is incredible since I’ve held over 200 meetings. 

In what ways have you developed since you started at Benify? 

I started my career as a sales representative, and today I work as a sales manager. This means that I’m now responsible for a team of five people. I think one of the best things about working with Benify is that the company is always keen to see its employees grow. There are so many great development opportunities, and I see myself working here for a long time. 

How does Benify motivate you to work harder and reach your highly-set targets?

We focus a lot on the team, which is a huge difference from my previous jobs where the focus was only on the individual´s performance. At Benify, no one envies anyone - we celebrate every victory together. This motivates you to work hard because you’re not only helping the team but the entire company. Every meeting I attend could be the beginning of my largest deal ever. 

Which aspects do you appreciate about the leadership at Benify?

I appreciate the fact that Benify works with development and leadership pro-actively. We have a flat organisation where everyone’s opinion gets heard. I regularly sit down and discuss how I can improve in my work. Even though I’ve been working within sales for many years, Benify is the first workplace where I dare to challenge the organisation and speak up. This gives me the opportunity to really develop as a person. Benify offers opportunities to those who are willing to work for it.

Sales Consultant

Carl-Wilhelm Tennander

“We have a lot of fun together at Benify”

What is the best thing about selling Benify’s product?

The best thing about selling Benify’s product is that it’s well known in the market and highly regarded among our users. I have the opportunity to help organisations to become even better employers, which, in the long run, means that I improve people’s lives, inside and outside of work, personally and professionally.

In what ways have you developed since you started at Benify? 

I have developed in a lot of different ways in my work. As a sales representative, I am responsible for the entire sales cycle, from the first call all the way through to contract negotiation and signing the new customer. Today, I comfortably take responsibility for the entire sales process regardless of the organisation type or the number of employees.

How does Benify motivate you to work harder and reach your highly set targets?

Benify offers an extremely beneficial salary model which motivates me to achieve my own work goals as well as my teams’ goals. I am part of a positive and solution-oriented department where we regularly organise sales competitions and events where our leaders show us how to succeed in our roles. 

Which aspects do you appreciate about the leadership at Benify?

It’s very clear what’s expected of you and Benify gives you the right tools to succeed in your role, and your results are regularly reviewed. Our leaders have done a great job in creating a family feeling within the team. We are a wonderful mix of different people, which the leaders manage to steer in the same direction. We have a lot of fun together. 

Head of SME Stockholm

Clara Holmström

"We always celebrate our successes"

What is the best thing with selling Benify?

You never get tired of selling Benify because of all our fantastic colleagues who are constantly developing and improving the product. But above all, it is very appreciated by the customers!

In what ways have you developed since you started at Benify?

I started as a Sales Consultant in January 2016 and in 2018 I got promoted to a role as Sales Manager where I was responsible for a team of five people. Today, I am responsible for the entire SME Sales team in Stockholm. My managers have helped me to become the very best version of myself and I have awesome colleagues, who inspires me every day!

How does Benify motivate you to work harder and reach your highly set targets?

Our team do the little extra for each other. Sometimes our tough and challenging but we know that hard work always pays off. Therefore, we always celebrate our successes!

Which aspects do you appreciate about the leadership at Benify?

We have a clear vision of what we want to accomplish. All my colleagues are ambitious and very committed to reach our goals. Also, we have a lot of fun and laugh together every day.